Editors Ceramic Monthly in USA Ceramic Review in UK titled Gault's paperclay articles "Magic" and “Amazing.”
“Revolution” was the title word by editor and author Paul Scott (UK) for Rosette Gault's works in his article for UK  Artist Newsletter. He wasn't the only journalist to do so. "This is not your grandmother's clay...." 
“With fired paperclay…an earthen heaviness of ceramics is lost... (The medium) opens up spatial dimensions, allowing ceramics to become an unrestricted reservoir of personal ideas, dreams, and inspiration.” curator of Festival of Post Modern Ceramics exhibition noted the catalytic role of paperclay in this transition: (Pfannkuche of Neue Keramik/ New Ceramics) 
“Rosette Gault  is one of my heroes.  The field of ceramics is replete with technical experts, people who can do anything that has been done before in clay or glaze or fire.  Once in a great while, though, someone comes along with a really new idea, a true innovation.  She is world known for development of paperclay.
 Her ceramic art expresses a deeply felt connection to a multi-valent world; lived experiences combined with intuitive insights, personal iconography and rich surfaces.  Please join me in welcoming.…” University Ceramics Professor  Lilligren, (Iowa State) 2008
"Rarely, in my experience, have visual metaphors been employed so discreetly or syntaxed so expertly. Gault takes you by the hand-through a private metamorphosis." Jae Carlson review of exhibit in Olympia, WA from REFLEX, The Northwest's Forum on the Visual Arts  Seattle, VOL. 6, NO.2. MARCH/APRIL 1992
Gault's photo, mention and sometimes long quotes and paperclay adopted in dozens of art books serving the ceramic arts communities also Gault first introduced, taught and website, and first commercial batches, and demonstrated more than thirty years ago. See more bio.

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