"It works, it works, it really works!! We have re-attached broken off greenware appendages fixed handle cracks, and bisque chips. Everything made it through the final glaze firing in great shape." (Alfred, New York)
Yes, I know your teaching showed me how to mix test batches and patch mix on my own but after a while I wanted to save time, I upgraded to your brand of ready blended ceramic paperclay P'Clay® and P'Slip®. There is such a difference in the quality. It is completely worth it.The ready blend was so smooth, pliant, and uniform when I pull a wire cutter through it- quite different than my studio mix. Wow, I fell in love with the inner freedom I feel to change what I want whenI want. When I gave up babying my clay I was amazed to see what else could happen. I don't fret about about cracks most all can be fixed. My imagination soars. (California)
"One can work now work on a piece forever because wet clay can be added to dry clay, unlike traditional clay. Yet it still is near enough to traditional clay that I can still use my favorite glazes and colors. Pieces that would have been failures can now be saved· its a miracle. I now make what I used to dream of making·" (Oregon)
"yes paper clay changed my life! I slab, throw, press, coil, do everything with it!" (England)
"I have always been able to "throw anything" (on a potter's wheel) but this clay give me much more freedom and has increased the variety of shapes I work with." (Nebraska)
Wall Murals: "What a remarkable material for our wall mural. This clay's capacity to be repaired and altered, defy gravity and defy the accepted laws of clay provided me with more freedom and as a result· expanded vision." (Washington)
Sculpture: "What impresses me most is the flexibility P'Clay® ceramic paperclay allows. The thickness in my figurative sculptural pieces ranges from a couple of inches (5 cm) to maybe a quarter of an inch (0.5 cm). Even though a freestanding piece was broken in half... I was able to repair the head and it fired just fine... I like the smooth surface on the clay and the color.... I  anticipate working with it exclusively because it is so rewarding" (Ft. Collins, Colorado)
"The use of P'Slip® has really added to my repertoire and helped enhance the surface of my rock forms. I have spent the last two weeks having so much fun with P'Slip® and plaster molds..." (Canada)
"Paperclay is our goddess!.. I've been working with your P'Clay ® ceramic paper clay for over two years and I love love love it!.... We are all over 40 ( in our college sculpture class) and most are just beginning... of course they all started with paperclay... the only way to go if you want NO HASSLES. .....
.....your book, bolted me into the 21st century. I always thought that ceramics seemed a little backward until the ease of paperclay allowed me to create the art that I just HAVE TO MAKE NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS!" (Texas)
learn more about paperclay and  Rosette Gault project  Healing Clay.

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