This exhibition is just a dream come true not just for me, but for many who have worked so hard to bring it to reality.
 Anyone who wants to see possibilities in paperclay ceramic art will love this show.
Thanks especially to the artists from overseas, the curator, the organizer, the museums, the funding agencies, Americans get to see diverse direction in contemporary ceramics- that inspire advance in vision and imagination for makers. 
It is the first of its kind. May it not be the last! The COVID has forced a viewers experience back onto screen monitors which is art through someone else's lens. At first I was dismayed, but now I believer there are even more ways to experience artwork nowadays.  I did see the real work in the real exhibition space before COVID. It was different than what I saw in the pictures- and it was just as good just in a different light so to speak. To expand way of seeing and experiencing art is part of the contemporary question in global art.. 
The source sculpture for the animated work Consequences of Intimacy which can viewed on huge monitor but seen in small this site is a part of this show.
Enjoy all the variations of the art. Different museums it traveled to in Massachusetts, Utah, Missouri, Arizona so far displayed the art in their own way. You can enjoy it all!  Please support the museums etc if you're able. RG  
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