Though not every artist doing extraordinary vision could be in this show, Americans will get banquet of ideas just the same! 
The worldwide field of artistic and expressive ceramics has been influenced by emergence of these paperclay schools over the last 30 years. Ceramic sculptors have been challenged to exceed their expectation of what's possible to imagine. Artists in other mediums have inspired ceramics and vice versa. 
There's a reason some of works in this show have won prizes in competitions. The ideas that come with this exploration jumped the borders and have been adopted in part or in full despite the pushback from those who aren't ready or who don't explore these post- Einstein possibilities of awareness.
Please support the museums, funders, sponsors and collect the art from the international contributors before it gets shipped out of the continent! 
VIRTUAL Visits to this international Exhibition - in Utah 2020, in Massachusetts 2021
Learn more about the artists and the show below.
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