Rosette Gault, Ph.D. and M.F.A. is the world known innovator who after nearly 20 years of search begun in 1971, published advantages and best use for her paperclay compounds in 1990 that would subsequently change 85% of the traditional ceramics practice. Artists worldwide were quick to adopt and update and went on to build art never possible to build in traditional clay. A field of paperclay ceramic art and design developed. She exhibited artist, published author, sustainable materials researcher,  master teacher, visionary, and composer.
Her contribution thus far includes more than 130 exhibitions 4 books, a (now expired) US Patent 5,726,111, DVD, websites and and more than 40 journal articles. She has serving artists at prominent institutions as well as community groups. Her worldwide teaching led to the establishment of a field of paperclay ceramic media and opened the doors to significant advance in art and design, engineering with sustainable materials.  Her most recent book is available worldwide: Paperclay Art and Practice: The New Ceramics (UPenn/Bloomsbury) 2014. Her newest project is Healing Clay. An exhibition of both ceramics and paintings is planned for Bainbridge Island month of Sept 2022. Her company, New Century Arts, Inc. is based in Seattle. 

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